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Hi! I'm Brad Marshall, full stack web developer and UI designer in Kingston, ON. This is my blog, where I write about SVG, CSS, JavaScript and designing for the multi-device web.

Latest Posts

  • Become an SVG Superhero

    I gave a talk tonight at my local developer meetup on SVG, titled "Become an SVG Superhero". Here are the slides... enjoy! 😀

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  • Sublime Text Tip: SQLBeautifier

    I don't work with SQL a *whole lot* these days but every once in a while I find myself needing to debug a query gone wrong or at least look at somebody else's query just so I can better understand the code that makes use of it.

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  • Installing SSL Certs With Certbot On Ubuntu/Apache

    I'm a big fan of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and their initiative to encrypt the the entire web is not only ambitious, but one that I support! If you've never heard of Certbot before, it's an open-source server tool created by the EFF to help site owners install and renew SSL/TLS certificates offered by Let's Encrypt, a CA offering free certificates.

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